About Us

Team Clean, Inc. is a locally owned and owner-operated company, celebrating 25-years of designing, implementing and managing successful cleaning operations for our local hospitality, restaurant, retail and commercial business communities on O’ahu, Hawai’i, Maui and Kaua’i. We are a full service hospitality housekeeping provider and design our services around our truth that cleaning is a skilled profession of science and art combined with our intelligence of the property, ownership and management expectations. Then we implement the operational plan with kuleana and manage with aloha and a commitment to honor our kuleana to maintain a clean, healthy and attractive environment for our client, customers and colleagues. We rely upon integrity in service and value to earn our work/business opportunity. We see competition as an opportunity to be unique in how we earn our work opportunity - doing what is best for the property honors our mutual best interests.

Our company is a collaborative leadership approach allowing us to share our collective expertise across the properties we kuleana; for us best idea wins and best person to perform is the one assigned the task.