Our Executive Leadership TEAM

Brian Keala Benz

President & Sr. General Manager
You could say that I’ve been cleaning “all my life”! Although it hasn’t always been by “choice” ...you see, likely no different than any other childhood reality, growing up cleaning was a “chore”! And because I was raised by my father’s parents, who had grown up 2 generations ahead of me, they had strict attitudes and high expectations about clean - so early on I learned cleaning is serious business and a vital talent! It’s truly amazing and my blessing how they shaped who I’d become both professionally and personally by something as simple as cleaning chores. For the past 27+ years, leading clean has been my kuleana.


David J. Debelbot

SVP & General Manager
My family and I have a deep appreciation and respect for the outdoors - my wife and I raised our 6 children - spending as much time outdoors as possible...our top 3 spots are North Shore, Pounders and Ka’aawa - to understand having respect for the outdoors is more than philosophical, it’s gained experience combined with applied knowledge and deliberate action. The simple things like never turn your back to the water, or never take more than you need or to leave wherever you go in better condition than when you got there...and complex things like how to eat from the environment, dive or spear fish safely...I lead our operations teams across the state no differently in my kuleana as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Hospitality housekeeping operations have multiple environments in an eco-system - restrooms, lobbies, guest rooms, restaurants, kitchens, function rooms, spa’s, pools - all of them requiring talent to maintain them and protect and nurture the eco system. My kuleana in protecting our clients Eco systems is my honor.

Cynthia Tanaka

Vice President, Human Resources, Risk Management & Administration
I grew up on Kaua’i in a small community of laborers; Lihue. As I look back, it was my first exposure to understanding the needs of community. My father later moved us to Honolulu and I realized quickly - from my perspective then, Honolulu didn’t wait for anyone - as they say, different strokes for different folks! I made a life for me in Honolulu and raised my keiki here and I am blessed now to have grandchildren - I wish I could take them back in time to when you didn’t have to lock your doors and you spent every minute of sunlight outdoors in the pineapple fields, playing marbles, jumping rope, eating mango and starfruit from the land, waiting for the manapua man to come carrying his steamers on his shoulders…community at its best - when everyone has a kuleana and that kuleana compliments the good of the community. My open-door policy is old school - from when we didn’t lock doors and we welcomed everyone who came to visit. My commitment to bringing the best out of people is attributed to my grandparents who by working in the pineapple fields provided for each of their 12 children and taught them to provide for their families. These life experiences would be invaluable as I would become an HR professional responsible to cultivate, inspire and retain talent. Now years later, I recall this foundation as the foundation of my kuleana as Vice President - Human Resources, Risk Management and Administration. I inspire Cleaning Communities as my kuleana.

Pat Souza

General Manager
Hula and lei making are traditions passed down generation to generation in my Ohana - each generation developing and then adding their unique talent to each art. Early in my life I would do both locally and abroad. It is from hula I learned to alaka’i and gained my management style. As General Manager of our Housekeeping Operations across the state, I’m kuleana to pass down the traditions of housekeeping while allowing each member of my team to contribute their mana’o and mana to what we do and how we do it without sacrificing the essence and result of clean. In fact, I lead with the intent to increase clean by telling its story, over and over like hula through our hands and physical motion. Clean, exactly like Hula makes you feel...it embraces your senses and brings quality to life.

Gayle Fumie Kmett

I grew up true to my Japanese-American heritage learning from a very young age the value of being self-disciplined, frugal and compassionate. My parents, my sister and I grew up living with my grandparents – my mom’s parents – they epitomized these values I hold dear to me today. I sometimes wonder how I got into what is considered a “boring” occupation considering I’m far from boring…. You can say many people influenced my life, later in life I married and had the good fortune to learn under my mother-in-law accounting and bookkeeping working in her business she built providing services to local professionals out of her office in Ala Moana. I was blessed to take over and carry forward her business and legacy till today – if you met her, you would agree that she was not your typical bookkeeper - far from it actually – and now I realize that’s shaped what I learned as a youth and practiced as an adult the ability bring life to numbers and numbers to life, enjoying life doing it!